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Overcoming Procrastination Like A Pro Overcoming Procrastination Like A Pro


Does procrastination seem to be getting in the way of your daily life? Are you having trouble accomplishing important tasks or making big decisions? Well, if you need a little help with productivity, I’d like to share with you my best tips for overcoming procrastination once and for all.

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How To Use Writing To Help Heal Yourself How To Use Writing To Help Heal Yourself


Writing is a really powerful tool to use to improve your life. It can help you deal with past traumas, discover your own strength, and even help you to plan your path towards the happiness and joy you wish to bring into your life. On this week’s blog, writer Chloe Bennet shares how you can use writing to help heal yourself. Check it out now!

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18 Self-Care Tips For Success 18 Self-Care Tips For Success


Listen - the truth is, we’re all very busy. From work priorities and appointments, to family events and celebrations with friends, we all have a lot going on in our lives. And with this busy schedule, we sometimes forget to prioritize something extremely important to our well-being: self-care. Here are 18 self-care tips to get you on track (even if you’re super busy!).

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6 Simple Mindfulness Exercises To Practice Throughout Your Day mindfulness exercises


Does a jam-packed schedule consume your everyday life? Are you desperately looking for a little ‘me time’ to start living in the present? It’s hard to believe that 2019 is half over - so what better time to embrace the moment then NOW?! Incorporate these 6 simple mindfulness exercises into your daily routine to help you become more self-aware in leading the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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The Top 25 Quotes You'll Ever Need to Manage Stress powerful quotes for a stressful day


Do you get overwhelmed or anxious in your daily life? Does stress always seem to get the best of you? Well, sometimes, all we need is a little reminder that everything is going to be okay. You can use these 25 quotes as a bit of a pick-me-up to get you through those tough moments and manage those stressful days.

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Reasons Why You Should Stop Being A Night Owl (And How) tips for better sleep


Do you need help getting to sleep at a reasonable hour? Are you over your night owl ways? Several scientific studies have shown that the amount (and quality) of sleep you get can significantly impact your body! If you’re ready to start implementing healthy habits to get a good nights sleep, check out these tips and hacks for getting some more shut-eye.

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4 Simple Ways To Silence Your Inner Critic silence your inner critic


When faced with decisions, big or small, do you hear a little voice inside your head guiding you towards the worst case scenario?  Has that voice trained you to think negatively when faced with new or tough situations, causing stress, anxiety or even fear of failure? If yes, these 4 helpful tips are going to teach you how to silence your inner critic and start living your life with intent. Check them out now!

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Linguistic Intelligence And Its Benefits do you have linguistic intelligence


The term intelligence is often associated with IQ tests or perhaps the intellectual potential of a person. But did you know there are multiple intelligences? On this week’s blog, Mindvalley Academy shares what intellectual intelligence is and its benefits. Check it out!

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