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This is Why You Should Disconnect This Weekend: 10 Ways to Unplug From Technology woman on the beach at sunset


Do you ever find yourself so immersed in your phone or tablet that you are almost isolated from your surroundings? Have you ever tried to ‘detox’ yourself from constant social media, texting, and playing on apps? Sometimes we need to be reminded that technology has an off button and the world around us simply does not!

Consider these 10 ways to unplug from technology this weekend and learn to enjoy the beauty around you.

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The Journey to Inner Peace - Are You a Spiritual Shopper? holding a butterfly


When you feel lost or uncertain in an area of your life, do you find yourself looking for answers outside yourself, or do you seek within? Do you go ‘soul searching’ or ‘spiritual shopping’ to figure out why things are the way they are? Transformational coach Suzie de Jonge reveals what it means to be a ‘spiritual shopper’ and how once you learn to seek inside yourself, you can positively impact your choices, your relationships, and your life!

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4 Easy Chakra Opening Tips For Beginners yoga


Are you familiar with your Chakras? Beginning at the base of your spine and leading up towards the crown of your head, you have 7 ‘wheels’ of energy known as the Chakras. When your Chakras are in tune, you are emotionally and physically balanced. Check out these 4 easy tips to unblock your Chakras from our guest blogger and meditation expert, Bianca Ricoy!

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These Energizing Foods Will Make Your 7 Chakras Heal & Glow With Positive Power Healthy Foods to Heal your Chakras


Do you sometimes find yourself feeling unmotivated, tired, emotional, or just out of balance? Well, this could be a sign that one or more of your body’s energy centers, your Chakras, are blocked. But can you eat your way to energetic wellbeing?

Learn to heal and unblock your 7 chakras with this energizing selection of fruits, nuts and vegetables to achieve your highest level of physical health.

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Look and Feel Younger With The Same At-Home Exercise Tibetans Have Used For Over 2,500 Years lady meditating in nature


If you’re tired of trying all the latest fads to look and feel younger, and you want a more holistic approach to youth beauty and health, look no further! For over 2,500 years, Tibetans have been using this ancient 5-step anti-aging exercise, which energizes the chakra system and regain the body's youth and vitality. It’s broken down in 5 simple steps so you can try it home now!

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Activating Your Ideal Vision for a Life You Love: 5 Steps to Living Your Dreams dreaming of travel


Wherever you are in your journey of life, you’ve likely been in a situation where you craved more. Perhaps you are content, but you haven't quite actualized your fondest desires or lived out your greatest dreams. So how do you begin to do so?

Guest blogger and Law of Attraction coach, Deborah D'Ippolito, shares her 5 steps to begin aligning your life with a powerful vision so you can finally live the life of your dreams!

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6 Proven Self-Motivation Techniques (To Reach Any Goal) woman kayaking


Is 2017 flying right past you? Do you feel like you’re still striving to accomplish your goals and aspirations, or are you letting your motivation slip away? Staying motivated is easier than you think. Here are 6 proven self-motivation techniques to breeze past your goals right now.

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Time Off Vs. Free Time: The Importance of Taking a 'Free Day' relaxing


We all need time off from work to recharge our batteries and dedicate time to other important aspects of our life. But is there a difference between time off and actually enjoying a free day? Guest blogger Lori Karpman shares the concept of having a 'free day’, and the importance of recognizing free time as YOUR time to enjoy hobbies, family time, and more.

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